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About us

We continually strive to be a great company. TSO Global Distributors is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. Moreover, our efforts extend beyond providing outstanding products and services to those who need them. TSO Global Distributors conducts research and participates in a number of initiatives to constantly develop our sector of the industry and to contribute to society. TSO Global Distributors is implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation, and strengthening organizational and associates' capabilities. TSO Global Distributors continuously seeks to develop technologies and products.


TSO Global Distributors is a faith based, service disabled veteran owned company certified with the Small Business Association. The company has been officially in business for one year and completing R&D for the business for several years. Currently we market our products to businesses that sell collegiate items. 


TSO Global Distributors is covered with the standard commercial general liability coverage minimum of $1 million in general insurance, including product liability and other coverage.  As a Christian owned company we exercise responsible sourcing as well as adhere to workers rights regulations and we are registered with the Fair Labor Association. We enforce compliance with the Worker's Rights Consortium (WRC). We are capable of shipping all over the United States and Canada.

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