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Evaluate our products by ordering samples. You will be pleasantly suprised and will undoubtedly see how they can be very profitable for your organization.


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Dash Bag


Wondering if the product will sell for you?


This product already has a stable position in the market and many businesses choose it because it has multi-purposes. It is a great impulse item and a great promotional item as well. 

Sachet bag air fresheners can be found in most car care stores like Auto-Zone,  Advance Auto as well as big box stores like Walmart and Target. As you know shelf space is a valuable commodity and if this type of product did not sell well, it would no longer be on their shelves.

If given the choice we know which your customers would choose.

We are officially licensed with over 100 Universities.



              Option 1                                                        Option 2                                                  Option 3



 You guessed it Option #3, they would choose to support their respective University favorite.


Keep that profit local, your area favorite University customers, students, alumni or faculty should not have to go any further than your business to find this product.


Benefits of our products:

1. Our product is a better quality and lasts longer for the same price. 

2. Our product becomes your product because it could have your logo on it.

3. The same customers that support other local University branded products will gladly buy this product too.

4. It is fully customizable, you can put any image you want on the front to promote your business or organization.

5. It is a great tailgate sale item.

6. Officially licensed with over **100 Universities**


 If you are interested in our product and we are not licensed for your University, no worries. Let us know you would like to order our product and we will begin the licensing process immediately.


                                                  Looking for a great fundraiser?

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